Thai Girl – Saitong

Hi! I am a Single Thai Girl that look for a Boyfriend. So, I come to My Thai Cupid to find love and a future Husband. My dream is to find an Australian man that wish to find a Thai Girlfriend.

I hope you that see this want to talk to me. So, I am a Thai Girl that live in Bangkok and I am 26 years old.

Also, I come from Buriram, but I been living in Bangkok for the last 5 years. I work in a big office as a secretary to my boss.

Is good work that I love to do but is time for me to find a husband. My friend moves to Australia 2 years ago and she lives now in Perth whit her Husband.

So, Its why I love to find someone in Australia. My life in Bangkok is good I have a nice apartment that I love.

And I have a friend that rents a room in my Apartment I live on the 20 flor, so I have a nice view from my window.

I love Bangkok is nice and all the good street food that I love to go and eat. Also, like all Thai Girls or all Girls love to shop.

Bangkok is the city to find what you love to shop. So, if you like to come to Bangkok one day, I love to take you around and show you my city.

My dream is to find a nice man that is a bit older and have work and a home and like to travel. I don’t look for big money I have money!

So I don’t need to look for that. I have been lucky in my life and I have 3 properties that I rent out and it gives me all the money I need for a good life in Thailand.

I hope you soon send me a mail I will for your mail and I hope you have line app on your phone, so we can talk. Hug Saitong

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