Thai Girl

Thai Girl – Sai

Hi! I am a Thai Girl that wish to find a Boyfriend. My name is Sai and I am a Thai Girl that is single and that live in Bangkok.

I think I am a bit Crazy ha ha ha but now is too late. I send it to so now is just to wait and see if some guy wants to talk.

So, I am a happy fun Thai Girl that love to have fun. But I am not good on this with dating maybe it’s why I think I most try Thai dating like this.

I hope I can find a Farang, Maybe an American man. So, I have a job in a factory that makes Thai Food that we send all over the world.

I love my job and we have fun and talk a lot and it was one of the other Thai Girls that talk about My Thai Cupid and her friend that meet a Swedish man.

They find love so is why I come and want to find that love that other Thai Girls have. I want to be someones, Thai Girlfriend.

Also, I want to have that hug and that Kiss from someone that loves me. I want to meet a man that wants to talk to me and have fun with me.

I want a man that really cares about me and loving me. A man that doesn’t drink too much and DON’T SMOK that is the only thing I don’t like.

So, what you think can I be your Thai Girlfriend? I hope so. Therefore, I hope you are a bit Crazy like me and send that mail to me. Hug Sai

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