Thai Girl – Sai

Hi! My name is Sai and I am a Thai Girl that looking for my future American Boyfriend. I was talking to a friend of mine!

She says she just start to talk to an American guy a week a go from My Thai Cupid. He asks here to be member in Thai Cupid, so they can talk online there on Thai Cupid.

Now she has is Viber and its sounds like they talk day and night. She is a happy Thai Girl she looks a bit sleepy, but she was happy.

So, it’s why I come to My Thai Cupid to find love. It’s sounds like My Thai Cupid have many nice guys and one of you maybe can be one of you can maybe be my Boyfriend.

So, I am a Single Thai Girl that live in Bangkok I work in a Pizza Hut and it’s me that do all good Pizza for all my Guest that come and eat in my Pizza Hut.

I never believe I can do Pizza. But I love it and I am happy in my work. I like to work hard and on my free time I love to read books most Fantasy.

Also, I read some romantic books about love and all that you know ha ha ha. So, contact me and maybe we can do as my friend did start to talk on Thai Cupid? Hug Sai

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