Thai Girl – Rangsiman

HI! I Rangsiman and I am 28 years old Thai Girl. Me and my Thai family live near Surin i and I am a Thai teacher in a small Thai village. We live with my mom and dad.

I love my job to teach the Thai children in my school. therefore a great responsibility to teach all the Children. And give them what they need to know to have a good life and perhaps go to college in the future.

I find this website My Thai Cupid and I want to tell my story. Maybe you are my prince my great love that just looks at my story.

therefore I am looking for someone who wants to share my life and my daughter’s life. And someone who loves Thailand. I’m looking for a man that Love children and want to live with me.

Because If you are a teacher who I am? I can probably get a job for you here in Surin. So you and I can stay in Thailand with me all the time.

My life in Surin is good I have a big house in my village. I live with my mom dad and my daughter. We have been lucky. My mom and my dad have to work hard to build this house.

So, I can have a great home for my daughter to live in. I hope I can find a man that is a teacher and want to come and live with me and maybe help in school.

Maybe you like to learn the children in my school some good English seems like it a good idea. I know my school can give help you get working permits and all the documents you need.

The best part you and me can be together if you want that. So, if you want to meet me send me a mail and let’s talk a bit about you and me. Big Hug Rangsima

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