Thai Girl – Pu

Hi! My name is Pu and I am 20 years old Thai Girl. I live in Buriram where I study, and I have a night work in a restaurant, so I can pay my part of the apartment that we rent.

We are 3 Thai Girls that live and study together. I come to My Thai Cupid to try to find a Boyfriend maybe an American or Norway man.

I have a sister in Oslo so that is a plus for me. But I am free to try something new. What I care most about is that you love me and be kind and good to me.

My hope about you is that you have been in Thailand and that you maybe know some Thai and love the people in Thailand.

I hope you love to eat Thai Food because I will miss my food if you don’t want to eat my food. What can I tell you more about me?

I have my family in Buriram in a small village I have 3 sisters one in Bangkok and one home with mom and dad and my big sister live in Norway.

She is married now and soon she will have a twin her stomach is so big ha ha ha. I hope she gets Girls but we must wait and see. So, I will wait for you and your message. Hug Pu

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