Thai Girl

Thai Girl – Poo

Hi! Guys, I am a Thai Girl that looking for a single Guy. I am a Thai Girl in Surin and my name is Poo and I am 23 years old Thai Girl.

So, I was looking for Thai but when I see this My Thai I click and I come and start to read other Thai Girls stories I was thinking I must try it.

Therefore, I hope I can tell you about myself. I am a single Thai Girl that have a job in a shop in Surin I sell toys to children.

My family has a house outside Surin. But I live in the city of Surin and I go home 2 times a week to look so all is okay with my family.

So, I looking for the right man that is looking for a Thai Girlfriend or Thai Wife. What I care about is that you really want a relationship with a Thai Girl like me.

So, if you are send me a message. Let us talk a bit about love and life. I hope you can tell me about your life and where you come from and what you like to do. Hug Poo

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