Thai Girl – Ploy

Sawadee My Name is Ploy and I am a Thai Girl and I live in Phuket. I will begin with a wish that this new year will be a great year for love. I am a Thai Girl looking for a Boyfriend a Husband.

Maybe you are American, German or Swedish I don’t know. But I hope and trust in Love. I see the New Year’s story’s It can be a house from my home village or the next village.

I am born in Surin and now I am back to be with my Thai family for 2 weeks. So, I was out on the internet and I see this website My Thai Cupid.

Therefore, I was thinking maybe I can find a good man that wants to have a Thai Girlfriend with a big heart like me.

So, for the last 3 years I been in Phuket with 2 of my friends and an Australian man. We have a company that clean and maintain big houses for Tourists that love Phuket and buy a home in Phuket.

We have a company that can help house owner with all that they need. I like to find a man that wants to be a part of my life.

Maybe you like to live in Thailand with me and my friends. Maybe you and I can open up a new market for a new part of Thailand. I am open to doing whatever you maybe want.

But I like to work and I, not a party Thai Girl and I love people that work for the future and build for a safe future. So, Do you want Ploy as your Thai Girlfriend? or Thai Wife? Contact me. Hug Ploy

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