Thai Girl – Ploy


Hi! I am Ploy a single Thai Girl that looking for a Boyfriend. My Dream is to have an open fun man maybe American, but I don’t know.

I live in Bangkok with my family. We have a 3-floor house with 2 apartments and a shop on the ground floor. We buy this house 5 years ago and we rent out the shop and the apartment.

It’s given us a safety in my family’s life. My dad drives a Taxi and mom take care of the family. That is about my family, but I work I a Burger King.

It’s maybe not the best work you can have but we have a good Team in work. It’s fun and many people come to eat so we have much food.

Also, I hope you that see my story and you are that nice guys. And if you want me to come to you. You need to come to Bangkok to meet my family.

I will not come to America or Australia or? To a man that I don’t know. I need my family to say that you are okay. So, send me a mail and a Photo so we can talk about the future. Hug Ploy

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