Thai Girl – Ploy

Sawadee My name is Ploy and I am a 23 years old Thai Girl. I just browsing around on some Thai Dating sites and I See My Thai Cupid.

It’s the first time I see a dating blog like this, but I like it. Like the most Thai Girls, I am on Thai Cupid and look for a Husband.

But I love to Try My Thai Cupid to see if I can find a True man that really want to have me as His Thai Girlfriend. Some guys just want to have some fun with us, Thai Girls.

Some Guys don’t understand that we have feelings and a Heart that they can break with the games they play. So Back more about me.

I just have my 22 years old Birthday last week. And my friends give me a dating membership. They think I should meet a guy.

They have boyfriends and it’s only my left. I not so happy about boys. They are bad, and they break my heart.

So maybe this can be a good place to meet a man that is kind-hearted, Sweet. I know guys must be bad and have much power.

But I don’t want that I want the man that opens his heart to me and what a real life with me as his Thai Girlfriend. So, send me a mail and if you want you can send me a Photo to. Hug Ploy

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