Thai Girl – Pim

Sawadee! My name is Pim and I am a 23 year old Thai Girl who lives in Chiang Mai. I live in a small Thai village outside Chiang Mai and I live near this beautiful waterfall.

This is the place my friends usually go swimming. It is a wonderful waterfall the water is clear. I know that sometimes it happens that young couples come here to have a romantic moment with a small fire.

It’s may well be some accidents that Dad and Mom at home should not find out about Ha Ha Ha. So, this is life in the Thai countryside.

I’m sitting here in front of my computer and write to those good guys looking for a Thai Girlfriend. I dream to meet you, which is nice, kind and thoughtful.

I am a Single Thai Girl and I love to drive my car. My family has a big D MAX pickup and we are the village’s taxi.

I drive people to the hospital, to the market and a lot of other places. And if you want to come and see me so I can pick you up at Chiang Mai airport.

It’s taken me only 1 hour to drive to the airport. But I would like to know you via Messager and email before you come and meet me. Big Hug Pim

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