Thai Girl – Pim

HI! I am a single Thai Girl, A Thai Girl that looking for a Boyfriend. So, if I am a lucky Girl I can find a man that I can get married to.

So, I am Pim and I am a Thai Girl that live in Pattaya. I have a small Gold shop in Pattaya is part, my uncle I buy a part of it 2 years ago.

We have fun all day and we meet a lot of good people. So, buy gold to there Thai Girlfriend or Thai Wife when they get married or get engaged.

Sometimes they just want a birthday gift so I try to do my best to give people what they want. I see a lot of love and happiness and in Pattaya.

So, We Thai Girls in Pattaya have 2 maybe 3 ways to find a farang, A European, American Guy, Internet Dating or be a Bar Girl and one night stand.

So, I am an Internet dating Girl, I think is the best for me. I am don’t like drinking and talk sweet with guys all the time.

I am a Girl that love to sell my gold and make good money on that. So, It’s why I come to My Thai Cupid to try my luck.

So, I am a Thai Girl that love to have fun and I love to drive my car. Also, I have a new Toyota C-HR that I love and I drive it as much as I can.

I love to cook food like the most Thai Girls we eat and eat and eat ha ha ha. Just so you know and I hope you are in for Thai food and chili?.

You will get a hot Thai Girlfriend with Chilli and hot spices. So do you want to talk to me? I will wait for you. Hug Pim

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