Thai Girl – Phontip

HI! I am Phontip and I am Thai Girl in Bangkok. My Dream is to find love and a Husband maybe from America or something like Sweden.

So, I like that they have snow and I read some love story’s From Sweden and American Guys. They sound like Nice guys and nature is looking Great.

I am a crazy Thai Girl and I love animals and nature. I love American tv show about Gold Hunt or Gemstones and Jade stones Also, I know we have some like that in Burma or Myanmar to.

But a lonely Thai Girl in the bush is not good. But I love Adventure I don’t care about 5 stars hotel is not for me. I think I love nature more and to make money with my hand.

My dream man I think is a man that let me be his right hand and teach me all that I need to know. I want to be the Thai Girl that do all for my Husband.

Do you have something you think I can learn to do? Please tell me and I maybe will try it. So, what is your gold field?

I am open to all guys that have a life that I can be a part of. Therefore, I hope you send me a mail or come to Thai Cupid that I think I will be member of soon. Hug Phontip

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