Thai Girl – Pan

Hi! My name is Pan and I am a single 25 years old Thai Girl. Therefore, I come online to My Thai Cupid to find love and someone that want to have a Thai Girlfriend.

So, I live in Buriram and like in my village, there are Thai Girls that have Boyfriends from Sweden, America, Germany, and Australia.

Maybe I forget some of the guys that live around here. But I like to find my American Boyfriend or Swedish Boyfriend or what it can be.

You know I am a Single Thai Girl looking for true love. It’s hard to meet a good boyfriend if you not go and meet them in Phuket or Pattaya where they have fun with the Thai Girls that work.

But I like to see what internet dating can do for us. I hope you will find me, and we can talk about the future and a life together in a bright future.

I hope to google help me with translation ha ha ha. My English is not 100% good. But I spend the time to talk English for the last 2 years with the new Farang.

He is from Sweden that just moves to Buriram form Stockholm. He is 65 years old and he says he wants a new life. They just sell all to live in Thailand and grow old.

So, I can talk ok I think it’s what he says. I hope you will send me a message and talk to me I hope it will be good and we can grow over love. Hug Pan

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