Thai Girl – Nook

Sawadee I am a Single Thai Girl that looking for an American Husband. My Name is Nook and I Come from Bangkok but for now, I am in Phuket.

My life in Phuket is good. I live in a big house that I looking after for a Friend and her American Husband that buy this big house.

So, I have a small staff apartment in the house. I look after the staff and I am the boss. I will be in Phuket for the next 6 month but after that, I am free to do what I want.

Therefore, I hope you are ready to start to date me. And in about 6 months maybe you like to meet me in Phuket. My dream is too soon be walking on the beach.

So, I looking for a Kind man that is a gentleman. I hope you love Thai food because I love to cook Thai food and I love cooking Seafood fresh fish.

I love to meet a man that is friendly and easy to talk to and like Thai people. And is not crazy about sex and look at other Thai Girls all the time.

In Phuket, we have a lot of nightlife and Thai Girls. I have been down there with my friend and her Husband and I see it all from Bars to the go-go bars.

I see all sexy hot Thai Girls that work down in Patong. But it not a place for me but I can see why a guy love to go down and look night and drink beer.

Like my Thai friend says to her American husband look in ok but no accident. If you do not want to wake up with a surprise! I do not like it but I can live with it.

Ha Ha Ha don’t worry now I will tell you about the surprise. You can see it in some Thai news online. but I will never do like that if you love me.

But for now i hope you want to think on love and o hope you will have me as your Thai Girlfriend. So, send me a mail and will make you a happy man. Hug Nook

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