Thai Girl – Nook

Sawadee My name is Nook and I am a Single Thai Girl living in Phuket. I and my family have a small restaurant in the hills it’s like we point over the sea in Phuket.

Many people love to come and eat in the night time and drink some beer. It’s many times I been thinking who it wood bee to be married to a Farang as some say about American and European guys.

It’s been times when some Farang asks me out on a date. But it feels like they take me for a bar Girl that they just can have a night’s fun with and I not that Thai Girl.

Yes, I live in Phuket, but it doesn’t be the same as a Thai bar Girl from Patong. I want a man that knows that I am not a toy to play with.

I want to have a long time relationship, Love and a kind man with a big smile and maybe if I am lucky you can talk some word of Thai.

So send me a mail and let us talk and see if you want to be with me and maybe you want to come and stay in Phuket for some days. Hug Nook

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