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Thai Girl – Nook

Thai Girl Looking for a Boyfriend

HI! Guys, I am a single Thai Girl in Bangkok. I am a Thai Girl that live in Bangkok but I am from Surin and my family still live in Surin.

I am looking for an American Boyfriend most for I Have a sister in Texas and Houston that I want to near so we can meet on the weekends.

But if LOVE wants the other way, I am open to meet you that open the door of love. So, Guys let’s start, I am that Thai Girl that love food and cooking.

I love to travel and I been in Houston one time with my sister. I have been to Vietnam and I been in Hong Kong with my sister and her husband.

He is a great man and he let me spend time with them when they travel. We have fun together and I try to do the best so they have fun.

I don’t drink so much but when it happens. My sister husband says I will be fun and talk a lot and I speed up my life like a sports car.

He like’s it my sister tells me. So, he tries to get me drunks all the time. So, I let him win and my sister says it’s ok to let him be happy.

I know that him love my sister and him love me in the other way. I can trust him! His love for my sister is true and real love.

So, I looking for the same love and a man that in time can love me and give me the same true love and is fun and easy to be with.

That believe in marriage and the power of family. I love the American lifestyle and the big American family dinners that I experienced in Houston.

So, If you want to meet me send me a message or try to look for me in Guys, I will wait for you and I give you a BIG HUG Nook

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