Thai Girl – Noi

Sawadee I am Noi and I am a single Thai Girl I am looking for an American Husband. This is not my first profile. I am on Thai Cupid for some time. But is my first story about me and my life.

I am a single Thai Girl that live in Bangkok, but I come from Surin. My family moved from Surin to Bangkok when I was young. My dad fixes and sells cars.

So, I grow up with fixing cars and some motorbikes for my friends. I love working on cars and to make guys crazy that a Thai Girl can do something a guy cannot.

So, I have been going School so now I can do car painting. I can do nice jobs with sexy Thai girls and other things you guys want on their cars.

Also, I love to spend my time on the internet and looking on nice works other guys have done. Therefore, I like to meet a Guy that is open to having a Thai GirlFriend that love to work with cars.

And maybe you have a dream car we can work on together or you like to buy one? I can help you. You and me a beer and a dream car that we can fix up to some thig nice.

We can drive around and be happy in for many years. So, I will wait for you send me a mail add your photo on your car or cars and tell me about your life and maybe a photo on you would be fun. Hug Noi

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