Thai Girl – Ning

HI! My name is Ning and I am Single Thai Girl living in Bangkok. I am 23 years old and come from Surin in Thailand. My work as a coyote on a nightclub in Bangkok is to dance sexy way.

I just find this Thai Dating site. So, I was thinking maybe I can find my boyfriend on this Thai Dating site. I am a good Thai Girl and I work hard to save money to open my own shop.

I am not a butterfly Thai Girl. Yes, I work as a coyote, therefore, I have a hot sexy Thai Girls body but like in the movie Coyotes.

I only dancing on the disco. I don’t like this work, but I do it for a short time and after that no more. I want to open a Subway restaurant as my first bigger investment.

I will be rich that in my goal in my life. I am a Thai Businesswoman if a have a goal I do whatever I need to do it.

Sometimes I fail but I learn some new things every time I am starting a business before I have a shop in MBK to sell Movie and Music,

but it was not good for me so now I like to do something new as a Subway restaurant in Bangkok or Pattaya. I still am looking for a good place to open it.

I hope I can find a man who likes to live in Bangkok or already live in Bangkok and can be my rock in my life.

Money, I have love I need and want and if I can find a man have like to help me with my business if I can find all this I am a happy and lucky Thai Girl. Hug Ning

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