Happy Thai Girl looking for a Boyfried

Thai Girl – Nid

She love to Find true love

Hi! I am Nid a Single Thai Girl that looking for a man that I can give all my love too. So, are you a man that is looking for a Thai girl like me?

A man that looking for a Thai Girlfriend, I hope you can be my Boyfriend. I hope I can be a lucky Thai Girl that find love and that man that can be my boyfriend.

I looking for a long time relationship that ends with a marriage and maybe a family. So, I am Bangkok Girl that love to be with friends.

Also, I love to go out and I love a good party and live music and I love to dance if I have someone that can dance with me.

Yes, I have my Girlfriends but If I find a good man that can dance with me I will be a happy Girl. So, I looking for a man that is fun and is easy to be around.

Also, a man that loves to dance and be around people and love to have fun. You can drink but you don’t need to be crazy drunk I don’t like people like that.

I hope you been in Thailand and that you love to come to Thailand in the future. I think a life in the other country can be okay for me.

But I must tell you I like to spend some time with my family so if you don’t like to go to Thailand every year I hope you look for another Girlfriend. Hug Nid


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