Thai Girl – Nan

HI! My name is Nan and I am a Single Thai Girl looking for my future Husband. I am looking for an American Husband a real relationship with true love.

Maybe it will take time and maybe it will be a bit crazy as my best Thai friend say. She is married to an American man.

So, I think I ready to work hard and like my Thai friend says. English is not the same in American and Thai. The word is the same but some time we think.

But the meaning is not the same. My best Thai friend says it was the biggest problem in the beginning. But with love and hard work they make it work say Peter to me.

Therefore, I think I will listen to my Thai friends they look so happy. Now the being living in America for the last 5 year.

So, back to me, I am a Thai Girl living in Bangkok and I work in a Bank office. I sit and help people to put in and take out money and help with the smaller problem.

I love to help people and I meet so many new people. But I dream about love like all Thai Girls. So, I am a Happy Thai Girl that have a 2 room apartment in Bangkok.

I buy it 2 years ago it’s a good investment I think and is have all like a pool on the pool on the roof and a training department shower and sauna which we all who live in the house can use.

I love my life but as a Single Thai Girl, I need love. So, Guys do you look for a Thai Girlfriend? Maybe I can be the Thai Girl you are looking for. Hug Nan

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