Thai Girl looking for Boyfriend

Thai Girl – Namfon

Hi! Guys, I am Namfon a single Thai Girl in Bangkok. My dream is to find a boyfriend here on that I love to visit.

I have been thinking for a long time that I like to try this internet dating and meet a foreign guy that can be my Boyfriend also, I been looking on Thai Asian Dating.

So, all about me, I have a job in a shopping center in a pet shop. I also love dogs and Fishtanks Maybe I am a bit crazy but I love marine fish, Anemones, and corals.

So, I have an old Redsea tank that I get from my boss when he upgrades to a Redsea 750 liters Max. I love that tank but I will never get it.

Also, I think is too expensive but I like to dream a bit. So, I not that normal Thai Girl that love to shop and look for stars and gossip.

I love Animals and I have 2 dogs as you see. My family lives in Pattaya my dad work as a meeter taxi driver and my mom has a foot massage Salone in Pattaya.

But I live in Bangkok with my sister that has a big apartment. She has her own company that sells wine and she is married to an Italy Guy and His family is into wine.

So, are you a guy that is relaxed and fun to be around that is not a butterfly man? If you are like this I think it is a good beginning. Hug Namfon

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