Thai Girl – Namfon

Hi! I am a single Thai Girl and I love to find a Husband. I am a Thai Girl that live in Buriram. My family is a farmer and we have rice feels and a rubber tree farm.

Now when I been looking around on the internet and I see My Thai Cupid and Thai Cupid. I have been around and I think My Thai cupid is the way to love.

So, I live far away from the city. My day starts in the early morning to go out and collect rubber juices that we make rubber of.

Is not a great life like in Bangkok. But I love it and walk in the shadow of the trees and listen on the bird’s singing.

But I think is time to find love and build a family and my future. So, I hope that one guy is thinking I will be his Thai Girlfriend.

Therefore, I hope you are that guy that has that big smile that can make me happy. Also, is important that you are the man that only has the eye for one Girl.

That you can be my rock in my new life as your Thai Girlfriend or Thai wife. Also that we can talk about everything in life.

What more can I tell you about me? I love all about family life. I love to cook food and take care of my family.

I hope you like my dream about children that run around and play games. That you and I can smile to and see them grow up and be happy.

You know I smile when I think about this and a family. This dream can come true if you want you just need to take the next step. contact me. Hug Namfon

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