Thai Girl

Thai Girl – Nam

Hi! I am a Single Thai Girl from Bangkok. I come to to try to find a Boyfriend maybe from Sweden or Australia.

So, I am Nam and I live in Bangkok I work at a restaurant in Bangkok. We serve western food like as T bone steak but also Thai food.

I been working here for 2 years and i live my job. But some time i see this foreign men who come with their Thai Girlfriends.

I think they seem to be so happy and in love. But I am to scarde to ask how they meet. I know some meet online and other on bars and like that.

But I think I most try to find a man online. Is the new way I believe. I have one friend that meets a man on thatThai that i see on My Thai Cupid.

So, I am a Thai Girl that love to play badminton and I go and play one time a week. I been playing for 5 years now and I hope my Future Boyfriend like it too.

So, I love to play badminton is fun and is a great way to exercise and have fun. Also I get to meet new people that I can talk to.

We also foreign person like Australian and Swedish people that some time come to play. The are marryd or have a Job in Bangkok.

So, What more can I tell you? is so hard for me. But let start like this. But I looking for a nice man that is open and like to be in Thailand.

Also, I hope you like to Learn or can talk a bit Thai. So, Send me a message and tell me what you like and what you do. Hug Nam

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