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Thai Girl – Mint

A Single Thai Girl is looking for a Boyfriend

Hi! I am a Single Thai Girl that hope to find my first Boyfriend online. My name is Mint and I am a single Thai Girl that live near Bangkok.

So, I live in a smaller town just outside Bangkok. I work in a shop that sells building materials and is a good job that I like.

But on my days when I not work, I like to spend with my friends. I love to go out and eat and listen to live music with my friends.

Also, I love to drive my Honda Jazz and I love to take care of my small garden. I have all from Dragonfruits to chilies.

So, I looking for a foreign man I know that most Thai Girls want to meet an American or European guy. But for me, I also like Asian Guys to like Korean or Japanese.

I am looking for that man with a big heart that I can love. So, I hope that you are fun and easy to be around.

I also, hope that you love to be in Thailand and you love Thai food and to meet Thai people. Maybe you can talk some words Thai is a plus.

But just now I just want to talk to someone to find that love that all Girls want to have. So, guys, I hope you see this and hope that you love my photo!

So, what you think about my photo? I hope you love it and I hope you think I can be your Thai Girlfriend and we can be together in the future. Hug Mint

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