Thai Girl – Lawan

HI! My name is Lawan and I am a 22 years old Thai Girl. I live in Phuket and this is my first time I try My Thai Cupid.

My family comes from Bangkok. But I come down to Phuket to get to see the sea and the nature around Phuket. I live in a big house up in the hills.

A Thai friend to me helps me to get this work. It’s an American guy and his wife that need some help to take care of there house.

So, I clean and take care of the garden and sometimes I cook some food. The American guy is so generous and good to me. It’s why I like to find an American Boyfriend.

I am a bit scared but if you are good like my boss I will love you. So, what I love to do. I love to swim in the pool and I go up early and I swim for an Hour before my boss wakes up.

After my day at my work, I love to take care of the garden. I love to take my motorbike down to the flower shop and look for new orchids.

I love orchids and I put them out in the garden. My boys love to go around with his beer and look for new orchids in his Garden and it makes me happy to surprise him.

The best I know is to see my orchids get new flowers. I take my mobile and take photos and add them to my Tab that I get last year from my boss and his wife.

I love to dance and sometimes I go down to Patong to meet my friends and dance. But the guys in Patong its not nice they just think on sex and get a girl home for the night.

I am looking for a longtime relationship and its why I come to My Thai Cupid. So, if you want a Thai Girlfriend? I hope you send me a mail and maybe later you like to see me in Patong. Hug Lawan

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