Thai Girl – Lawan

HI! I am a single Thai Girl from Surin. I come to My Thai Cupid to find a good Boyfriend that talk English Maybe from America, Australia or England.

Now I am in Bangkok where I live with friends that go to the same university in Bangkok. I study economics and the international market.

I want to work in a bank and I have a year left of my school. I wish to start to slowly get to know a man and when is the time I like to move abroad.

My dream is to start to build my family. My plane gets a bank job so we can have a good life. Also, I think we in time can move to Thailand.

Start a life in Bangkok if you want that. I looking for a guy with big dreams. A man that is in love with Thailand.

But I know is the best way to start a relationship in your home country. And when we feel is the time we can start to dream about a life in Thailand.

So, do you want to be a part of my life? do you like an adventure? I know it’s not just me who takes a big step.

If we feel like a match I hope you want to come to Bangkok to meet me. We need to plan so it will work with my studies so you know. Hug Lawan

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