Thai Girl looking for love

Thai Girl – Kwany

HI! I am a Thai Girl that hope to find a Boyfriend here on My Thai Cupid. So, I am Kwany a Thai Girl in Chiang Mai that in looking for the big love.

This is my first try to find love and do it on the internet. I get some guys that try to meet me on Facebook a German man he was nice.

But I mix up the name with the other Thai Girl that he was talking to and I get angry. But I like to try one more time so just honest!!

I can understand that in the beginning guys can have a problem to know if the Thai Girl he just talking to is the right one to be his Thai Girlfriend.

So, I believe in to be clear with all is the best way. I also, Been looking on the other Thai Dating sits My Thai Cupid has.

Maybe I will try one of them too. So, you can look for me if you do not get me on My Thai Cupid. So, I
meet me here you can maybe look at that Asian Me that I like.

I am Thai Girl that work in a foot massage salon at a shopping center. This is a good place and I get a great tip from customers.

I meet people from many countries and I get the chance to practice my English. I hope I can make you happy if I not to shy to talk to you online.

So, Give me a chance and be nice I will give you my heart and I will be yours if you want. So, send me a mail and tell me about you. Hug Kwany

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