Thai Girl – Jeep

HI! I am Jeep a Thai Girl and my nickname I live in this place in Bangkok in a big apartment with my friends. I Been looking for a boyfriend for awhile.

But I think many just want sex. And they don’t want a relationship and get married that I want. So, I hope you are a man that are ready to find a real Thai Girlfriend/Thai Wife.

I love to tell you about my life and where I come from. I come from a village in Chang Mai area out in the forest we have a small rode to the city.

But we have all the hills around us and a small Thai village school and the small Thai village shop. Its 5 big family that live up here.

We are farmers and we have the shop family and the teacher that are single. I like to find a man that want to live the slow life and have a future here in Thailand.

It’s just 1 hours drive to the big city Chang Mai if you want to shop or party. I can tell you a secret If you want to live in Thailand with me?

We have already 2 guys that live up here in the village with there Thai Wife. You will not be lonely, and you can drink beer in the Farang Bar one of the guys build 1 year ago.

So do you want to be a part of my life in Thailand or? I just waiting for you and your mail. Big hug from your Jeep

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