Thai Girl – Jade

Sawadee My name is Jade, and I come from a small Thai village in Chang Rai. I am a 20 year old Thai Girl that come to My Thai Cupid to find love.

I work in a hotel in Chang Rai where I take care of booking, phone call, and mail. It’s a good work, but I dream about a family a Husband in a small house.

And later I see my children running around in my dreams. Do you have dreams? Maybe about love? Romantic date? And the future.

I am thinking much about what will happen or will happen when you kiss me for the first time. The first kiss, the first time you hug me and when you touch my body for the first time.

In my dream, you are a tall man with a big smile you have a few kg too much, but it does not matter. Your blue eyes shine, and your lips meet me.

I hope you can daydream with me. I hope you can send me some story about you and me. What can happen to us after a romantic Evening with food and flowers?

Please send me a mail and tell me what you dream about. I will wait for you and dream some more and I hope I don’t need to wait long. Hug Jade

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