Thai Girl – Gung

HI! I am a Single Thai Girl and I am 26 years old. My Name is Gung and I live in Bangkok in a small apartment with a friend in my work.

It’s my first work I have after school and it’s in Construction. I do a lot of paperwork and I make sure all documentation is in the right place.

Just now I am working on a Tower in Bangkok it will be a lot of shops and apartments on top of that shops. On my free time, I spend a lot of time with my small dog.

I love to walk with and like all Girls, I love to talk with my friends and go out and drink Coffee. And It’s was no a coffee shop I here 2 Thai Girls were talking about My Thai Cupid.

And there Thai friend Bee and all the hot Guys that she gets mail from. So, the first I do when I come home was to look and send in my story.

I see the are a lot of adds to Thai Cupid to so I click and add my profile it’s free so it’s not bad. But I love the Talk the other Thai Girls was talking about you guys in this website.

They were talking about one guy that was the romantic one the look was good but not Hot. I am the Thai Girl that think on the inside and not on the six-pack ha ha ha.

We all get older right? It’s what I think. So, I am looking for Kind, the Sweet and Romantic man. Senda message. Maybe a photo would be good I can see your smile and you’re eyes I hope they shine. Hug Gung

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