Thai Girl – Don’t Date a Thai Girl IF…

Hi! Guys, This is a Clip about Date a Thai Girl that says a lot and I think you must look on. A Thai Girl can be the best Girlfriend.

But I think one of the things he says in the Youtube clip is MAKE SURE YOU HAVE RULES. PATIENCE is the other thing.

Money is a source of problems, Have rules in place and try to make her understand that your money is her money.

If she spends your money on unnecessary things, she has less money to, for example, build houses in the village or buy what thing she dreams of.

Thai Girls and Thai Family can be a problem. So, put is some RULES is fore your best. I will put some more negative movies.

These Thai movies are not because you should NOT meet Thai Girl. These films are for you to think and see the warning signs!!

Also, YOU MUST LOOK AT YOURSELF, CULTURE FAMILY, etc. All are different in Thailand, It can make you crazy and angry too.

Stick to the rules and IF she say IF YOU DON’T DO… then dump her. Don’t be crazy in love to you be 100% SURE.

You can all ways say I can always find a new Thai Girlfriend is not a problem. So, Have a good time looking at this clip that I find today. Admin

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