Thai Girl – Deng

Sawadee My name is Deng and I am a Thai Girl that looking for an Australian Husband. I try Thai Cupid, but I was on the way to look for a message.

When I come online I click on the wrong link. But I think My Thai Cupid can be a place for me to find love and a Husband.

So, Guys let start I am a Thai Girl that live in Surin City and I have an apartment with 2 other Thai Girls. We are good friends so its ok to live 3 together in one apartment.

And the good thing is that we can talk about love and boys and all that. It’s my friends that been pushing me to find love online.

But they don’t know about My Thai Cupid is my secret Thai Dating site. Just so you know but I hope I will be lucky, and I hope you are lucky that 2 Thai Girls.

My room friends push me out on the internet. I think I am looking for an older man that want to start a new or the first real relationship.

I hope you love Thailand and of course Thai Girls. Also, I hope you can keep it to one Thai Girl in your life that you love.

I hope I can be that Thai Girl you are looking for and that I can be your Thai Girlfriend. So, Send me a message and I hope you soon want to talk to me Big Hug Deng

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