Thai Girl – Daw

HI! I am a Thai Girl that live in Bangkok and I looking for a Husband. So, I am a Thai Girl that comes from a place up north of Thailand.

You see the river that my family lives close too. I love that place. But my job is in Bangkok and the speed and internet and all that is in a city like Bangkok.

So, I find on an internet cafe in history and bookmarks. Also, I love to see what other people like to see and go too.

So, I try to take computers where the staff has not deleted the history. Yes, I was lucky. I find something that I like and been thinking on.

Dating a Farang an American man. I have been dreaming about meeting a man like maybe you that see my story and is single.

Is it crazy? dream about guys a long way from Thailand Like American, Sweden, Australia or England is so many people that come to Bangkok.

I can see some that walk around with a Thai Girlfriend and they look happy. I like to try to find that Love and to start a life with a man.

Also, I hope I can make a lonely guy happy. I feel I am open to being some one’s Thai Girlfriend I can talk a bit English but my spelling is ok I hope.

So, I think we can Talk and I hope you want to learn some Thai from me and I see you can try That Learn Thai Today It look nice I think.

Also, I can Learn some more English on that one too. I love to learn new things I know I am a bit crazy some of my Thai friends say that too.

So, Do you want to talk to me and get to know me? Send me a message and I hope you have skype or that call app Line that I have. I will wait for Hug Daw

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