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Thai Girl – Dating

HI! Guys, Here is a Dating Clip from Youtube about what she Thinks. Thai Dating and what they tink you need to leran. Be polite, Culuture, Learn some words Thai,

Also, I hope is open your eyes to what Thai Girls thinks and what they like. They are fun and good and they like to talk to you if you are a good guy.

So, If you want to meet a Thai Girl and have a Thai Girlfriend you can do 2 thinks one be a member of Thai Cupid or the best I think.

Go to Thailand for 2 – 3 weeks have fun and try to meet a good Thai Girl. Is always the best way to meet your Thai Girlfriend in real life.

Date Thai Girls Is easy. They are not like Girls home in your country. All from Bar Girls to the Girl at the local Hotel can be your Thai Girlfriend.

Do you maybe think Thai Bar Girls in Pattaya is Bad? YES, some are bad but some don’t like the internet and have no other way to find a Boyfriend.

If you do go to Thailand don’t fall in Love the first you do. YES is hard I know. Look for a Thai Girl you like and do a list what you like or not like.

Have your eyes open. Maybe she is not the right Thai Girl but she can have a friend. Keep your options open and if it doesn’t work find a new Thai Girl. Admin

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