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Thai Girl – Dao

Sawadee I am a Single Thai Girl that is looking for a Boyfriend. My name is Dao and I am a 21 year old Thai Girl in Bangkok.

I was looking for a Thai Dating site when I find My Thai Cupid. Is the first time I see a Thai Dating site that is like this.

But I think I like it and it gives me more space. So, I am a Thai Girl that looking for an American Boyfriend or A Swedish man.

I have family In Sweden and America and I been in America one time to spend some time with my sister and her Husband.

America was fun and so much to do. Also, I like the American guys the was so nice to me. But some guys were hard to understand to 100% they talk to fast.

So, I am looking for a man that is good and fun. Maybe you been In Thailand before? I hope so, But I hope you are open to come and meet me in Thailand.

Also, I hope to find a man looking for true love and a long time relationship. A man that understands it can be a bit up and downs in the beginning as my sister tell me.

So, About me, I am a Thai Girl that is working in a computer shop. I sell computers and I am the youngest in my family.

I love to play Golf and the first time I play is was in America. So, I try to practice once a week on a course here in Bangkok.

I think is fun and I geting betere all the time. also, Like all thai Girls I love to cook and eat food I love YouTube and all the food shows they have.

Is so hard to talk about my self. So I hope this will help you a bit. So, Send me a message and a photo I hope to talk and see you soon. Hug Dao

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