Thai Girl – Dao

Sawadee Guys I am a Single Thai Girl that looking for you. I am a Thai Girl that looking for a Boyfriend that I can love with all my Heart.

So, I am a Single Thai Girl that is living I Phuket with my family. My family has a laundry company that clean clothes and irons for tourists and in hotels.

It’s a hard job but it,s keep the family happy. I love my life here in Phuket but I love to find a good Boyfriend that is the hard thing.

The most Thai Guys are just looking for fun. The tourist guys are hard to see if the really want you or just want to have your body.

So, I like to see if I can be lucky with online dating like My Thai Cupid or that Thai Cupid that I see links for that I maybe try later.

It says it’s free so why not? So, what about me, I study marketing to help my family’s company so we can grow and I learn to build some web sites too.

I am on the way to build my own marketing company here in Phuket. So, I looking for a man that maybe can be a partner with me in life.

But maybe later you want to be a part of my company. Maybe we can grow it together and maybe you have some Ide who we can grow it so we can live on it in Thailand.

So, let’s talk and maybe we can start a friendship that can turn to love. I hope, really hope that I can find you that I can love. Hug Dao

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