Thai Girl – Dao

Hi! My name is Dao and I am a Single Girl that looking for a European Husband. I think I am The first Thai Girl from Chang Rai that tries My Thai Cupid.

So, I hope that you guys that love Thai Girls will love me most and send me a message that I need so I can start to talk to you.

My dream is to find a man that I can feel safe with and grow a relationship with. Also, I hope that I can go from your Thai Girlfriend to your Thai Wife.

Therefore, I hope we can start to talk about my life and I hope that it will end with you come and meet me in Chiang Rai in Thailand.

I looking for a confident and relaxed man who enjoys traveling to Thailand. That maybe can say some word of Thai wood be fun if not maybe I can teach you a bit.

So, I am a Thai Girl that live in a small Thai village a bit up in the hills but I am lucky Thai Girl. We have Internet and I have an older computer.

Also, I am the oldest and I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers. My brother has just married a Thai Girl in the village and my mom says is my turn now.

I have been reading love stories on the internet and I want to be the first that marry a Farang a man from Europe, America or Australia from my village.

We have a man from Irland in the next village that comes 1 time a year. To be with his Thai wife’s family and have a bit of holiday.

You can see him go around on his motorbike and drink beer in the look shop. Some nights I dream that can be like my Husband. So, Send me a message and maybe your Skype Id. Hug Dao

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