Thai Girl in Koh Chang

Thai Girl – Daa

Hello! My name and Daa is a single Thai girl. I am a Thai Girl live in a town name Korat. I am a Thai Girl have a job at a petrol station.

Hello! My name and Daa is a single Thai girl. I am a Thai Girl live in a town name Korat. I am a Thai Girl have a job at a petrol station.

Thai Romace

It’s fun but it’s not well paid. But you may be lucky to have a job and it’s helping me to pay for the internet cafe so I surf a lot.

I found and I like it, so now I hope that I may leave little space for me? I may not be as exciting as any other Thai girls who write here on

But I have a heart of gold ha ha ha, yes it’s true. I am a real romantic Girl and like romantic dinners and maybe a movie with my boyfriend if I have one.

If I had any purpose I do not have someone to share my life with. So, I like to cook Thai food and Thai seafood.

Thai Romace

A Thai Girl dream life in Koh Chang?

So, special when I usually go to my grandmother and grandfather living on a really nice island called Koh Chang.

It’s my grandmother and Grandpa that has a house near the sea, which they built many years ago. My grandfather is fishers and fish squid and crabs.

He sells to restaurants around Koh Chang. So, I usually try to go to them as much as possible because I like to eat seafood.

Thai Romace

I have a piece of land that I will build my house in the future. My grandfather has promised to help with money.

I hope his friend will soon set up their restaurant. I will be working with to cook and help with everything else that must be made.

Grandpa says I will get a good salary and that it will help me to afford to complete the construction of my dream house.

So, many people Thailand usually build a bit at a time. That I do too I build the foundation and roof and my next step is the walls.

Thai Romace

Therefore, I don’t have the big money to build an entire house at once. But I think it’s good and I do not have to borrow money from the bank.

I’m young and have time and my grandparents have a big house so it is a place for me too. Also, I dream to meet a kind and nice guy here on

I hope you’ll come and meet me here on Koh Chang? So we can meet and get to know each other I dream of you and I can sit on the beach here in Koh Chang.

I hope you and I can watch the sunset and listen to ocean waves hit the beach. We Stitt and talk and hug each other.

Thai Romace

Later maybe we eat a meal and drinking a little wine, you should know Koh Chang is a Thai Island Paradise and I have my little private beach where only you and I am.

I know no one will disturb us, I hope you want to meet me and hope you will email Daa in Koh Chang
I wait for you Hug Daa

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