Thai Girl – Cake

Hi! I am Cake a single Thai Girl in Bangkok. I looking for my future Husband. My hope is that you are American a bit older and ready to be a man.

I am a Thai Girl with a good job and I have a life with no economic problems. I have all that I dream of a nice MB and a big apartment in central Bangkok.

But I like to meet a man that likes me don’t have problems maybe you like to change your Home base from America to Bangkok.

I love to travel and I been in America, England, and all over Asia. I need a man that want and like to be a part of my life and can be someone that I can talk to.

Not only about love but life and a man that understand business life. About Love, I need an open man that is relaxed and don’t need to play big and important Man.

But open fun and love to meet new people and love to get new contacts and build a new life in Bangkok with me.

So, what more can I tell you? I have a nice small house in Chiang Mai. Is just a secret little place where I enjoy pulling myself back to.

When I been working hard or before I start a new project. Also, My life is about speed and a good life do you have a dream to meet different Thai Girl?

A Thai Girl that love to succeed and someone you can talk about your future plans. I can be your Thai Wife and we can have a good future. Hug Cake

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