Thai Girl – Brie

Sawadee My name is Brie it’s is a good feeling to try find love. I have butterfly in my stomach. But I hope this will turn out good for us. So, that want to look for a Thai Girlfriend like me.

I live in a small Thai Village up in the north part of Thailand. My family is farmers and we live a slow life in the village.

Its time for me too movie to Bangkok or find love and movie to where my future boyfriend is living to get a new life. I have been a good girl ha ha ha.

I go to school to learn to be a photographer. I love to all that IT stuff that you can do with photos. and I can do some web sites to.

But now I am looking for you I want to find a man that have dreams that we can make come true. I kind and good man that love to meet new people and love Thailand and Thai Food.

I am looking for an older man I think. I love to meet a man that is romantic and love to give his Thai Girlfriend flower and a bit fun.

I love to find you that like to grow old in Thailand. So, are you that man? So, Send me your photo and a small message Hug Brie

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