Thai Girl – Ben

HI! I am a Thai Girl that looking for a Long time Relationship. I looking for an American Boyfriend I think is the best match for me.

So, I am a Single Thai Girl and I am a Thai Girl from Bangkok. My family has a small hotel in Bangkok and we all help to take care of it.

I am the oldest in my family and I have 2 younger sisters. So, my sisters are a twin and some time they make over guest crazy ha ha ha.

I just talk to you 5 min ago do you not remember? NO. Ha Ha Ha okay you were talking to my sister what can I help you with?

I have a good life and we have fun almost all the time. I love to meet new people and last week we have an American man stay in one room.

That American man was older but a nice guy and a man that I think can be a man that I can love. He was fun and polite and fun to talk to.

He was in Bangkok to meet his new Thai Girlfriend. That he meets on Thai Cupid 6 month ago for the first time.

I see that Thai Girl and I was thinking maybe I can find love online to a nice man. I hope this will help me to find you.

So, send me a mail and tell me something about you and let us talk about the future and love. Also, I hope when the time is right we can meet in Bangkok. Hug Ben

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