Thai Girl – Been

Sawadee I am Been a Single Thai Girl that looking for a Boyfriend. Maybe you come from America or Australia I don’t know what the best Boyfriend for me will be.

So, Guys help me please, I need help! So can you send me a mail and tell me what is the best country and city to live in and why.

I must start to date you and what I will fall in love with in your country? Tell me what you love to do if it is skinning or golf? What I love to do is to play pool and snooker.

I just start to play Snooker is harder but fun, I think. You may be wonder what I do for work I just now. I wait to start a new work as a sale staff.

I will be traveling a bit but I will have more time to talk with friends and I hope someone like you that read my story will have time to talk to me.

Maybe we can have time to find love. To have fun a and get to know each other. Time will tell I hope you give me a chance to meet me.

So, do you want to talk to me? So, send me a mail time go I want to start something new. I hope 2019 will give me a husband do you want me to be your Thai wife? Hug Been

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