Thai Girl – Bee

Hello! I am a 24 year old Thai Girl living in Bangkok. My name is Bee I work at one of Bangkok’s sky train stations. Some time i help my friend some time in her shop.

I like it and have many regular customers who come and talk to me. One of the Thai Girls tells me that she had written on My Thai Cupid.

She explains that she had sent an email and received the reply that it wanted to have her story on the Web site.

She had received many responses and would soon be one of the guys come and meet her in Bangkok. So I’ve looked at the page and now want to try your luck and see if I could meet someone this way.

So here I am a happy Thai Girl who is single. I have no children but have two younger Thai Sisters who live with me in Bangkok my mom and dad live in Korat.

They have a wash for wash close that the life on. We sisters are working in Bangkok so we can build a townhouse in Korat; we have just bought the land where the house will stand.

So mom and dad do not have to hire local and stay in that old townhouse that soon will fall together. So it was a little bit about me and my Thai family.

I could write much more but would like to ask you so I know what matters to you. Hugs Bee in Bangkok, Thailand

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