Thai Girl belive in Love

Thai Girl – Bee

Thai Girl believe in love

HI! Guys, are you looking for me? I am a single Thai Girl and my name is Bee. So, I am a Bangkok Thai Girl my name Bee is a nickname.

But only my mom calls me that when she is angry with me. So call me Bee It’s short and good and I love that name.

So, I am a 26 years old Thai Girl and I am looking for a good man that I can open my heart to. I looking for a man that I can love and pamper you.

I think a good Girlfriend will take care of her boyfriend and make him happy. A happy man is good to his Girlfriend or wife.

It what I believe in maybe you think I am crazy but I hope I can find you that understand me. Also, I believe in friendship and love.

A sexy body is not all the heart and show love and respect is so much more. SO, I looking for a man that love Thailand and travel to Thailand.

If you want a life where we can do that. But I am open to a new life in your country and in a new city.
But you need to come to Thailand and spend a week or two with me.

So, my family can say okay. Internet may be working good. But yo meet for real is different. So, plan your trip to Thailand and come and meet me. Hug Bee

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