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Thai Girl – Bee

Sawadee I am Bee and I am a Single Thai Girl that looking for a Boyfriend. So, I am a Thai Girl that live in Bangkok and I am a car salesman here In Bangkok.

My friends call me Bee but my real name is Benwaree. It’s only my mom that calls me that and is only when and if she is angry on me.

I just start with internet dating and I just click wrong I was on the way to Thai Cupid to look on my profile when I find this My Thai Cupid.

I have been looking around on this web site and looking on other Asian dating sites I find on My Thai Cupid maybe I will try that too.

But I like to try my luck here too so a short story here on My Thai Cupid. I have been in Bangkok for the last 3 years.

But I come from Korat and my family still live in Korat. But I study part-time and work time a lot. I live with my dad’s brother here in Bangkok.

So, I Don’t Know what the name is in English but any way He has a Toyota shop where I work and helps him to sell cars New and second hand cars.

I know he will cry that day I find a Boyfriend a Farang. A foreign boyfriend maybe from Sweden or some other country like that.

So, I don’t know what to hope for and what will happen. Also, I can tell you I get a message from some guy.

But It’s it has given me unpleasant feelings. He thinks I am a sex toy that should send such pictures there on me.

So, I am looking for a more mature man who knows what a good girl does not send such pictures. I looking for a good man that knows to look for a good Thai Girlfriend. Hug Bee

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