Thai Girl – Bee

HI! I am a single Thai Girl and I looking for a Boyfriend. My Name is Bee and I am a 23 years old Thai Girl in Chiang Mai.

Now We have the Thai New year or Songkran that we say in Thailand. Chiang Mai have many foreign guys that come to have fun with there Thai wife or Thai Girlfriend.

They look so happy and is why I like to try to find a foreign boyfriend. I try some other Thai Dating sites but I don’t know.

So, I think is to many Thai Girls so guys don’t see me. Maybe the photo is not good? I hope you like my new photo I have.

But let start. So, I have a family in Chiang Mai in the City and we have a small house. I have a job in Seven is a good job that I like.

I love the speed and I love to meet new people. I can talk a bit English and I try to learn more is good for me.

I hope that when I meet a good man I get the chance to be good in English. Also, I hope this will be fun and a good for me.

So, I am a Thai Girl that love to be with friends and I love to eat on the small street resturangs we have in Thailand.

You can allmost see on evrry street or place in a city or a village small resturangs. Is not expensiv and you can find all from BQQ to nudels.

I hope one day I hope I can have like this. I love cooking and I love spice food. I have so much I like to talk about but I hope this will be a good begining. Hug Bee

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