Thai Girl on Beach

Thai Girl – Aum

Hi! I am a Thai Girl that wish to find a Boyfriend. My name is Aum and I am a Thai Girl from Bangkok but living in Phuket Town.

My brother has a restaurant that I take care of in Phuket. I take care of all thinks for my brother when he is with his wife in Nakhon Si Tamarat.

But He will be back in 6 month time, Also, I think so is a great time to start to talk to you that is single and want to meet a good Thai Girl like me.

I hope you like to start to plan your trip to Thailand now so you can come and see me in January or February I think is a great time to come.

So, now you know what I do in my life I work and work. But I know I will have the other life in Bangkok after that time in Phuket.

But I have one day of one time a week and I love to take my motorbike and drive around. I love the beach and Phuket have many around the Island.

Is not only Patong and Karon Beach we have Kata Beach and many more. Some small and some bigger. Also, we have many other things.

Also, I like to see the big Buddha on the top of the hill. So, I love to explore and see me around and I am happy that I have a motorbike.

In Bangkok, I love to go around and do some shopping and if I can and find a nice coffee place I like to go and drink some coffee and take a cake.

So, I hope you want to contact me? and tell me about you and where you live. Maybe you have a photo to send me. Hug Aum

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