Sweet Thai Girl

Thai Girl – Amporn

Hi! I am Amporn A Single Thai Girl in Rayong. I am like other Thai Girls. So, I am a Thai Girl that is looking for love and my dream boyfriend and future Husband.

I bee looking on mythaicupid.com and been waiting for the right day. Therefore, I hope this is my lucky day I get that right feeling in my heart that says is time.

Time to try something new and start to date online. My friend read the card and tell me about the future of my boyfriend.

He will be a bit older and a bit lonely. Also, Girls in his country just see him as a friend the love him but not that way.

My friend says love will come fast, It will just say klick. We will have a bit of languishing problem but in the end, love will win.

Also, she says don’t sit and think alone, Talk about your feelings and what you are scared about. This I put in my heart and I will give you a chance.

But I feel this is a new start for me, A start for a new future with love and hugs and all that. Forget all the girls in your country a Thai Girlfriend is waiting for you.

I will stay on My Thai Cupid and I think I open a profile on Thai Cupid Just so you know. Also, I will not tell you what my friend say about my new country.

So, I will start a new life with you in the Town and I will have a kitchen that I will love. Also, I will cook you a lot of Thai food that you and your friends will love.

I know you will be sweet to me and give me a lot of love. Also, I will never be missing romance and love in my life. So, what are you waiting for? Big Hug Amporn

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