Hot Thai Girl Online

Hot Thai Girl Online

Hot Thai Girl Online

Hot Thai Girl Online

HI! I hope that you think I am a Hot Thai Girl online here on My Thai Cupid. So, my name is Wipa and I am a Hot Bangkok Girl that looking for love.

I looking for a good American Guy that is dreaming of love. Maybe you are in your office and dreaming about love and a good Girl that will love to take care of you?

You find me now if you read my story I will wait on one of the Thai dating sites they add here. I hope you will find me and we can take about the future.

Also, I know the is dark times but I am a strong Girl I hope this Corona will go away. But I hope we can dream about a time in 6 months’ time.

I hope you like to come to Thailand to meet me and maybe travel with me? So, we can see that it feels good in real and not only online.

I am a Thai Girl that loves sport and I love running and I love to play Pool and Snooker. I try the most in Snooker and Pool and Now I am in to trick shots.

That is all-new for me but is fun and I like it. So, I have a friend that teaches me and helps me we have a lot of fun down on the Snooker and pool club.

I hope you love a game of pool or Snooker and maybe a beer or Whisky. Also, I can tell you I love Beer and I love Whisky I am more in to drink with the guys.

So, wine and spy and all that is not for me. But I hope it will not be a problem for you and me. I love Irish whiskey and Jameson Black Barrel is the best. Hug Wipa


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