Happy New Year – The first Time

HI! Guys, I hope you like this story on my first trip. The first time you see a real Thai Village with your Thai Girlfriend.

So, you meet The Thai Family that you will bee a part of in the future. You can see this that I see for the first time.

The big day was in October the year after the Tsunami that hit Thailand. So, I meet a Thai Girl in Phuket that I fell in love too.

Therefore, It’s was time to meet my Mt Thai Girlfriend and the family and see the village. The Airplane land in Bangkok and when i get the band and all that.

I come to the door that open to the meeting zone. My Thai Girlfriend hugs me, and i get a hug from all the sisters that come to meet me too.

After a long Bus trip you up there is nowhere it’s was the feeling I have. It was a big rood the bus stop on. It was not a bus station just on the rood side.

We just get off the bus and I see the rood that goes into the Village. It was scaring and fun to meet the rest of the Thai family.

The day starts with say hi to the family and to look at the home and meet the rest of the family. They want to see the Farang, Me, that will be a part of the new family.

The mom and dad come and the cousins and later the friends to the family come to look at the new man. The feeling was I Thing that of a zoo and I was the animal Ha ha ha.

It seems like the Older Thai Ladies come and check me out. They bump and felt a little on my body I get the OK. So, after the cook some Thai Food and talk about me, I Think and some Gossip.

The House you see was the house I sleep in the first night. You cannot be picky and maybe there is no nice hotel to sleep in the village.

Therefore Remember your Thai Girlfriend and the Thai family do the best she can do for you. Do the best you can to make it work. It’s your new family.

I have many good memories of that house. It maybe looks like shit but it was clean and ok for me. Also, it was a good experience to live as Thai People do.

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